study VII (with kind permission of Annie Sprinkle) 

Things for sex workers seem to be worse than ever. Honestly, why are people so afraid of whores? So I am going to show you: Its breasts!"

(Annie Sprinkle at the conference "Fantasies That Matter", Hamburg, Germany 2014) 



Johann Strauss: An der schönen blauen Donau 



Annie Sprinkle with further development of Juergen Bogle (fake is fabulous inc.) 


In cooperation with: 

Aliena Basel Beratungsstelle im Sexgewerbe

Xenia Bern Fachstelle für Sexarbeit


Premiered: 11.04.2015 in the frame of ACT Festival in Basel, Switzerland

Status: Repertoire


Dedicated in loving memory of Tim Stüttgen aka Timi Mei Monigatti


Special thanks to Annie Sprinkle for her amazing permission of reenacting her famous work of the bosom ballet